Rabbi Braverman’s Story

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I was a philosophy major at Yale University. In 1978, I went to a kibbutz in Israel – not because I was Jewish (I had never even been bar mitzvahed) but because I had been studying communism in college and … Continued

Herschel’s Story

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Herschel seems to have been one of a fortunate few who had an ongoing mail correspondence with Rabbi Meir Schuster. What follows is a sampling of Reb Meir’s letters to him at a time when Herschel was deciding what to … Continued

Chanan Kaufman’s Story

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I met Meir Schuster in a roundabout sort of way – through a high school classmate of mine who knew an Aish HaTorah student who had been brought to the yeshiva by Reb Meir. From the time I was introduced to … Continued

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