Donations to The Reb Meir Schuster Care Fund are being accepted by

 please submit a donation payable to “Heritage House” (with RMS Fund in the memo field) and send to:            

                   Beit Morasha

c/o Rabbi Matan Weisberg
PO BOX 31910
23 Jaffa St.
Jerusalem, Israel 91319

               Please call Rabbi Weisberg directly at +972 (54) 842-7341 for further information or questions about tax deductibility.

 The income produced by the fund will be used to provide a monthly income for Rabbi and Rebbetzin Schuster as long as either of them are alive, as follows:

  •  The level of monthly income they receive will be periodically evaluated with the help of professionals who are already working with the family.
  • R’ Yirmiyahu Abramov and R’ Avraham Edelstein together with Mr. Yitzchak Meir in Jerusalem are the appointees over this fund. 
  • The appointees have the right to withdraw the funds from the Friedberg Investment Fund should they feel that it is underperforming relative to other responsible options or for any other reason that is in the best interests of the Schuster’s.
  • The appointees to the fund will oversee an investment of  $360K into the fund and the income generated will be matched by Mr. Dov Friedberg of Toronto.
  • Monies will be invested into the fund immediately and begin to provide for the Schuster’s immediately.
  • If the fund underperforms, Mr. Friedberg will add the difference from his own monies.
  • Should the fund in any given year generate more than the 5% guaranteed return, then the excess will be invested back into the fund and utilized for anticipated rising costs the Schusters may face. 
  • Any monies donated into the fund are  tax deductible, and a tax deductable receipt will be issued.
  • At the closing of the fund, all monies donated will go to the heirs of Rabbi Meir Schuster.
  • The fund will be like any other investment fund where the value can go up as well as down.

Please note that the sponsors of this website (see “About Us/Founders”) are providing this information as a service to the community and neither manange nor audit the Fund. For futher details about the Fund, please contact Joe Reback