The purpose of this website is to document the legendary and historic achievements of Reb Meir Schuster Z”TL; to create a place where the countless

“Reb Meir stories” can be told, preserved, and shared – where the legend can continue to inspire.

This website will always be a work in progress: It is our hope that you will share your own story here and share this site with your friends. In that way, this “home” of Reb Meir stories will grow; it will inspire – and it will give recognition, honor and support to Reb Meir and his family.

Who are we? We are ten men and women (more or less) whose lives have been forever transformed by an encounter with Rabbi Schuster. Each of us feels a deep sense of appreciation to Reb Meir. When we learned of his health challenges, and that they were largely unknown to so many who care deeply about him, we resolved to create this Tribute Website.

Most of our “Group of 10” had never met one another or even spoken by phone. We came together by one friend reaching out to the next. And that is exactly what we hope will be the success of this website moving forward.  We are excited by the prospect of our “Group of 10” growing to include you – and every person whose life was touched by Reb Meir.

Each of us has only come to know a sliver, at most, of who Reb Meir is. Collectively, we now have the opportunity to build a true picture of the man. After all, we are his life’s work.