This site was first launched on February 23rd, 2011 (18th Adar I, 5771).  It was inspired by R’ Yermiyahu Abramov – a dear friend of the Schuster’s – and chevrusa of Reb Meir’s for the  past 15 years. was developed and paid for entirely by friends and talmidim of Reb Meir and has accepted no institutional funding.  While site content is authored and edited by our members, it is periodically reviewed by Rebbetzin Esther Schuster and R’ Yirmiyahu Abramov (see haskamos tab) to assure accuracy.

It is our hope that this site – in some small way – may give continued voice to Reb Meir and the important work that he began. May we all be zoche to continue his work in the way we live our lives.

The core group which created the content and style for this site, and provided the chizuk for its completion, includes the following:

Bracha Goetz                       Baltimore, MD

Baruch Mytelka                    Monsey NY

Gershon Fern                      Monsey, NY

Jeff Gordon                          Monsey, NY

Joe Reback                          Seattle, WA  (current project coordinator)

Ken Sherman                       Westchester, NY

Reuven Eliyahu                    Monsey, NY

Sharon Galkin                      Baltimore, MD

Seth Mandell                        Tekoa, Israel

Shimon Apisdorf                   Baltimore, MD

Tzvi Lebetkin                        Karnei Shamron, Israel

Yaakov Halevi                       Baltimore, MD

Dozens of others contributed by providing source materials, stories, ideas and encouragement, including the following:

Avraham Lewis, R’ Avraham Twerksi, R’ Avraham Edelstein, R’ Ben Packer, Bill Galkin, Bracha Zaret, Chaim Kass, R’ Chaim Zwick, Chanon Kaufman, Chananel Weiner, Chaya Schuster, Chaya Weisberg, David Kerner, David Ordan, David Schwartz, David Sudaley, Dena Sanger, Dena Sara Levine, Dov Friedberg, Dov Wollowitz, Ellen Clyman, Eric Coopersmith, Esther Golub,   R’ Gil Eisenbach, Gila Manolson, Jeff Milgram,  Jeff Seidel, Jolie Brody, Jonathan Rosenblum, Josh Epstein, Judith Abrams, Lisa Panish, Mimi Jankovitz, R’ Michal Twerski, Modechai Cohen, R’ Mordechai Kraft,  Moishe Mendlowitz, Nechemia Coopersmith, Nickie Saifer, R’ Pinchas Winston, Rachmiel Simmins,  Rafael Dovid Hyman, Reuven Brand, R’ Reuven Geffen,  Sarah Brody, Shalom Schwartz, R’ Shmuel Burstein, R’ Shlomo Porter, Tuvia Meister, Yaakov Sandler, Yehuda Peiser, Yirmi Cohen, Yitzchak Meir, Yosef and Batya Neppe and R’ Zelig Pliskin… and numerous others.

(If we have inadvertently missed your name, please accept our apologies and bring it to our attention)